Nida Construction and Tourism Inc., as one of the most important construction companies, has been producing projects to national and international investors since 1985, considering their needs of cost, quality and time.
We aim to take a place among worldwide known construction companies by continuing our sustainable growth within Tahincioglu Holding.

Nida Construction adopts principles of being law abiding, sensitive to the environment and respectful to the community and people. As part of its customer satisfaction oriented approach, it adopts always result oriented business policies with creative and innovative application methods, excellent consultants and employees and technological infrastructure. We believe that, as Nida Construction Company, we can lead to the development of the construction sector by providing added value.

“Trust, devotion, honesty, responsibility and accountability, competition and justice, innovation, creativity and perfectionism, mutual respect, effective communication, employee and client satisfaction, respect to nature and environment” are Nida Construction Company’s main values which determine its institutional policies.