To our business partners and friends,

I would like to share some big things that are happening at Nida Construction. As Tahincioğlu Holding’s construction arm, it is a key component of our growing business activities.

On our corporate website, you’ll see some of our completed projects that exemplify Nida Construction’s business philosophy. It has mostly been involved in Tahincioğlu Holding development projects. But from now on it will expand from a primarily in-house construction service to become a major player in construction nationwide. This new strategy will help Nida Construction grow and reward Turkish and international investors in the process.

Our objective is to make a difference both in Turkey and abroad. With our intelligent, outstanding, and supremely qualified workers, we construct economical and quality buildings.

They go up quickly, but always are respectful to the environment, local community, and laws. Our core principles are to meet contract requirements, deliver a high-quality building, and stay competitive.

We believe that Nida Construction will carry on Tahincioğlu Holding’s knack for dominating any sector it enters by will become a leader in construction. We foster trusting relationships with employers, business partners and contractors, based on hard work and nimble problem-solving.

We bring a new standard to Turkish contractors. The construction sector will never be the same.

I look forward to working together.